Stop plastics and chemicals campaigns tours: the kick-off

Stop plastics and chemicals campaigns tours: the kick-off

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Worldwide, we produce an average of 430 million tonnes of plastic every year. Global plastics production has more than quadrupled over the past 40 years, and the global plastics market is estimated to be worth around $580 billion in 2020. Cumulative global production of plastics since 1950 is expected to rise from 9.2 billion tonnes in 2017 to 34 billion tonnes in 2050 (Geyer 2020), with barely 9% recycled and 81% remaining as waste, i.e. approximately 360 million tonnes. Of this 360 million tonnes, 67% is household, municipal and commercial waste. The oceans are also affected, with an estimated 75 and 199 million tonnes of plastic in the oceans. In Cameroon, according to surveys by africanews, an estimated 6 million tonnes of waste are produced every year, including 600,000 tonnes of plastic. Only 20% of this waste is recycled.

Faced with the continuing presence of plastics and chemicals in our environment, the african environmental network has launched a program entitled “stop plastics and chemicals campaigns tour”. This program aims to contribute to the reduction of plastic pollution and the risks posed by hazardous chemicals, while helping to raise awareness through active training and sensitization of the general public (indigenous peoples, women and children) to ecogestures and behaviors favorable to environmental and human health in the wake of sustainable development.

From June 02 to 03, 2023, AEN organized the official launch of its program through the collection of plastic materials in the cities of Yaoundé and Douala. During the event, AEN collected nearly 3 tons of plastic bottles and raised awareness among nearly 100 people about plastic pollution and chemicals.

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