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African Environmental Network is an organization working to contribute to the management of environmental risks while ensuring the restoration of the environment and its preservation for a better living environment of ecosystems and a positive improvement in the provision of ecosystem services. To do this, we carry out projects development, promotion, training, research, awareness and communication actions with members.

Together we can make a difference

We are dedicated to contributing to a world where people living in harmony with a healthy nature are able to better adapt and mitigate the effects of anthropogenic and natural environmental changes.

Why Choose Us

AEN has five strategic priorities:

Climate change (adaptation, mitigation and loss and damage)

Water and renewable energy

Biodiversity and ecosystem-based management

waste management and pollution control in different ecosystems

Disaster Risk Reduction

Technology, environmental monitoring and communication and governance

General objective

Contribute to the management of environmental risks and ensure the restoration, preservation of the environment for a better living environment of ecosystems and an improvement in the provision of ecosystem services

Specific objectives

Raise awareness, train and inform public opinion and youth in particular on disaster risks in the fight against all forms of environmental threats

Develop actions in favor of hygiene and sanitation in urban, rural and maritime areas

Promote ecological behavior, respectful of the environment through the creation of concepts

Develop the green economy, generating employment for youth, cooperation and science diplomacy for the sharing of cross-border resources

Promote the participation of indigenous peoples, women and children in issues related to climate change, biodiversity, waste and chemicals, inland waters and oceans as well as plastic and microplastics issues at local, national, regional and international levels

Federate nature protection associations and carry the voice of the movement

Promote the universal agenda for sustainable development

Take initiatives for the promotion and development of renewable energies as a solution to energy deficits

Promote research for a better response and prevention of local populations in the face of loss and damage related to climate change

Develop and promote research, training and information for a better sharing of good local African environmental practice for better adaptation and resilience to environmental crises

Develop actions to restore and protect terrestrial, marine and oceanic ecosystems

Promote North-South, South-South cooperation to facilitate the transfer of clean technology and knowledge in the environmental field and its sub-domains

Develop and promote systems for monitoring and evaluating greenhouse gas emissions by sector at local, national and regional level

Develop mitigation actions while contributing to the sustainable development and adaptation of local communities

Develop monitoring, environmental monitoring, research, information and awareness actions on toxic chemicals

Our partners

African Environmental Network

Cameroon, Yaounde


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